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Spire is a stable solution to manage your recovery, incident management, or service provision with intuitive software with a light touch integration. Identify your customers' needs, find their location by GPS, locate your closest resource and dispatch them all using mobile.

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Centralised Communications Network

Vehicle Recovery Ops

  • Reduce your call centre processing time down to minutes

  • Learn to operate the platform in a few hours

  • Live GPS Tracking of your equipment and customer location

  • Jobs sent via SMS app on android or iOS phones

  • Live job status dashboard 

  • System can be run from home (accommodates working from home)

  • Manages tolls and rates base on job provides costing before dispatch

  • Ability to provide invoicing through your current accounting software


Quality Information Control Checks

Insurance FNOL

  • Complete FNOL management 

  • Segmentation for Claims Handling 

  • SMS communication between Recovery and Customer

  • Live ETA times with tracking on key user touch-points

  • Stage-gated quality controls for performance

  • FNOL completed while recovery in transit on cell phone.

  • All information captured ‘Real Time’

  • Load pictures at the scene.

  • Submit completed FNOL from Cell phone.

  • Take additional pictures after recovery.


Task Management

Service Providers

  • Platform has the capability to manage most service providers; plumbers, technicians

  • Supplier management with cost estimates tools 

  • Identify service required, locate customer, identify closest provider and dispatch

  • Live ETA times with SMS & Mobile job progress tracking 

  • Job closed out at completion.

  • Tires, Windscreens, emergency repairs and domestic repairs.

  • PO handling and invoice facility to automate and help reduce admin 

3 Segments


Multiple Communication channels with ANS integration/ Customer Portals, Drivers Apps & SMS dispatch for lean process flows


Electronic FNOL for at-scene data capture whilst awaiting assistance. Reduce claim times & costs with parallel workflows on Spire.


Unique license free remote working proposition for a post-covid workplace


Rapid incident alerts for key stakeholders for early intervention & incident management


Borderless capabilities, configured to be adaptable for global localisation


Integrated invoicing & accounting software via Sage to keep you up to date 


Teams profiling facility to manage your resources & workflow efficiently


White label all your touch points for seamless Customer experience. 


Fast access job quotation capability at your fingertips covering your own & customers Rate cards


SMS location & Live stream GPS tracking of resources for customers in control rooms


Mobile control interface for remote managing on the move. iOS, Android & Web


Driver, Teams & Truck Profiling for internal & external fleets with walk around checks

Who We Are

We help the Automotive Industry with expert domain-driven development on Vehicle Recovery Operations, First Notification of Loss (FNOL), and Fleet Management Solutions. Our award-winning journey was born from first hand-experience realizing the need for industry transformation of digital service design for automotive sector businesses of all sizes. 

Unlike existing software solutions Spire brings together a team of specialists that will wrap their arms around every Customer. We provide a full management implementation plan with 24/7 Customer Support 365 days a year to ensure we uphold the on-demand expectations of consumers around the world. 

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Who Are We
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